Bendre’s poems are much too important to remain (concealed) in the awareness of a couple of thousand aficionados of Kannada poetry.

” The Narayana of the lotus-heart has himself turned into the mortal Datta

As Ambikatanaya he mirrors forth in Kannada, the universe’s inner voice”

Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre was born in Dharwad on January 31, 1896 into a Marathi Chitpavan household. Steeped in the myriad aromas and noises of his precious Dharwad and full of a life-affirming vitality, Bendre would– among many other accomplishments– chart a new course in Kannada poetry by sublimating the janapada or the folk idiom of Dharwad into a lyric poetry of the highest order.

The universe’s inner voice

Typically incorrect for a pseudonym (pen name) in the Western sense, Bendre explained Ambikatanayadatta as the “universal inner voice” within him that dictated what he (Bendre) then presented to the world. Stories of Bendre going up on phase and saying that “Da Ra Bendre would like to start by offering his simple prayers to the poet Ambikatanayadatta” are likewise in flow. The occasion will have an introductory talk on Bendre’s poems by scholar, Bendre Krishnappa.

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