The technology industry has grown considerably in different areas and with different products in recent years, but many people think that artificial intelligence stands out for its potential to radically transform different industries.

It is not just cars capable of driving themselves or intelligent traffic lights; the AI has already been inserted in industries such as finance, telecommunications, retail, and pharmaceutical.

However, according to the consultancy Vision Mobile, by 2020 will require 4.5 million specialists in artificial intelligence and today there are few agencies that are dedicated to the recruitment and training of people who are capable of doing so.

For the CEO of Nearshore Delivery Solutions, Gustavo Parés, says that it is essential to train people who are dedicated to the development of this technology and cognitive computing to continue developing solutions and thus, support the industries.

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Then, there are 5 courses that are taught free of charge to anyone interested in learning about this technology that promises to change our lives.

1. Machine Learning in Coursera (Advanced)

This is the course of Andrew Ng one of the fathers of neural networks. The course gives you an introduction to linear and statistical algebra and then explains very clearly the different stages in the creation of a machine learning model.

Coursera also has several courses on artificial intelligence in which it helps its students to understand how it has influenced fields such as medicine, personalized education, and autonomous cars.

The main objective of these courses is to build a society driven by artificial intelligence.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of machine learning can take these 5 courses – which will be taught in December 2018 – that teach how to build neural networks by teaching autonomous driving studies, natural language processing, music generation, reading sign language and health cases.

2. Intro to Artificial Intelligence of Udacity (Intermediate)

This intermediate-level course, taught in English, aims to teach interested parties the basic concepts of modern artificial intelligence, as well as some of its main applications in machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics and natural language processing.

It lasts 4 months and the only requirement is to have statistical bases.

Intro to Artificial Intelligence works in collaboration with Amazon’s Alexa, IBM’s Watson, Affectiva and the Georgia Institute of Technology, among others.

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3. Google Deep Learning (Advanced)

Course that aims to show how to optimize basic neural networks, convolutional neural networks and long-term memory networks in the short term, as well as complete learning systems in TensorFlow -the artificial intelligence framework of Google- and the resolution of new types of problems that before were considered almost impossible to understand.

The requirements are at least 2 years of programming experience (preferably in Python), basic knowledge of machine learning, statistics, linear algebra, and calculus.

4. Artificial Intelligence of the MIT (Basic)

This course was taught face-to-face at MIT in 2010 and consisted of 30 lectures that introduced students to the representation of basic knowledge, problem-solving and learning methods of artificial intelligence.

Available on the university’s course platform, it has videos, support materials and exercises of various types that teach the development of intelligence systems through the resolution of concrete computational problems, the understanding of the role of knowledge representation, learning in systems engineering intelligence and the role of human intelligence from a computational perspective.

5. Artificial Intelligence in Stanford (Difficulties)

Stanford engineering professors offered online courses of their most popular subjects in the school of computer science: introduction to artificial intelligence, introduction to databases and machine learning, with the intention of teaching them more about artificial intelligence as it is the future.

During the course, several tests and two exams are applied that accredit the students that take it online with a letter of completion.

There are also other courses on AI that can be taken for free online such as Machine Learning, Practical Deep Learning for Coders or Artificial Intelligence for Robotics that train students to be captured by the most important companies in the future. technological industry.