“Oculus Go”, is the first virtual reality helmet that has been launched by the Oculus technology company and manufactured by Xiaomi.

Oculus Go is an independent viewer, which means that you do not need a smartphone or any device to play the contents of virtual reality. The LCD screen has a WQHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and 538 PPI.

The helmet also integrates a surround sound system and a microphone to offer the user an immersive experience.

However, its main attraction is that they do not require a computer to process the contents. The Oculus Go integrate screen, processor, audio and motion sensors, differentiating from the Rift version, which demands a powerful PC to operate, they are accompanied by a wireless controller with the trackpad, back and start button and a trigger.

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This technological tool was announced last year, but only now are the versions and countries where it will possibly be purchased.

The model with 32 GB of space costs u $ s199 and 64 GB or $ 249. They are available in 23 markets, none of Latin America.

The Oculus Go have a competition of all kinds, although the product that most resembles its characteristics is Google’s Daydream.

It is a platform that counts for the moment with the Lenovo Mirage Solo. The helmet is based on Daydream and costs $ 400.

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It should be noted that the announcement of the helmet was made during the F8 conference for Facebook developers, according to Zuckerberg, the goal of the new device is to bring virtual reality to a billion people.


  • The official price will be from 219 euros.
  • * The main competition of the Oculus Go will be the Samsung helmet.
  • * This helmet is available in the Oculus store for 219 euros, in its version with 32GB of internal memory, and for 269 euros in the case of the helmet with 64GB.