Literature and music share a complex relationship although both deal with noises and turn them into significant expression. Their treatment is really different as literature deals with concepts, thoughts, feelings and emotions while music deals with only feelings and emotions. When they communicate with each other, the interaction frequently results in the growth and enrichment of both the art types. Many tomes have actually been written on Hindustani music dealing with numerous types like classical, semi-classical, folk and movie music however there is hardly any book that concentrates on the intricacy of the relationship in between literature and music.

Cover of Mukesh Garg’s book

Cover of Mukesh Garg’s book.

It carried helpful articles on gharanas, history of music, forms of singing and instrumental music and initial books about various musical instruments and the strategy of their playing. They cover the whole history of the development of Hindustani music, right from the Vedic age to the present day and offer useful as well as analytical short articles that inform us about the method music has actually formed up the country’s cultural life. One finds posts on music in Buddhist Pali literature and orchestra in Buddhist art, music in our impressives, The Ramayana and The Mahabharata, Kalidasa’s works as well as Shudrak’s plays, music in the Sikh custom as well as in the Vaishnavite Haveli sangeet, the relationship in between music and the works of Surdas and other Ashtachhaap poets, Sufi music and the evolution of qawwali and other types.

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