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An interview with successful innovation marketing innovator, Courtney Brown, Marketing Manager at EDB

EDB, the Business Postgres company, delivers an open source-based data management platform, optimized for greater scalability, security, and reliability. Courtney is accountable for all things Need Generation at EDB. Check her out on LinkedIn.

What are some of the main company obstacles you deal with at EDB?

One of the primary business difficulties we deal with is presenting people to EDB.

What specific objectives are you attempting to accomplish for your sales and your marketing strategy utilizing TechTarget’s items?

using priority engine EDB We utilize Top priority Engine as well as content syndication. We really expanded to the EMEA group to pilot 2-touch material syndication with Top priority Engine after seeing the success we had here.

Our main objective using Concern Engine is to produce pipeline and MQLs. We needed a method to reach the best people that our sales group is looking to communicate with at our target accounts. It’s a tremendous value-add that we can see the purchase intent. Our sales team will go into Top priority Engine reveal the intent insights to assist personalize their outreach, along with prioritize their outbound efforts.

Tell us a little bit about your tech stack and the information of your workflow with Top priority Engine?

We use Marketo and Salesforce, and SalesLoft as our sales engagement tool. We have Priority Engine incorporated with Marketo so that whatever streams instantly.

We export our Concern Engine notes every quarter, 1,000 exports at a time. The idea behind that is not to overrun our CRM or sales group, and it permits us lots of time over the quarter to support and move our criteria if needed.

We have the Salesforce Widget installed so the sales reps can see the high-level Concern Engine summary directly within their Salesforce instance. They like the truth that they can see some details within Salesforce and can also click directly into Top priority Engine to discover more insights on a specific account they are wanting to break into.

How do you have Priority Engine set up? What are the information of your sales team’s procedure when utilizing Concern Engine?

We use ABM lists to prioritize our marketing and sales efforts throughout the board. Within Top priority Engine, we included our targeted account lists, which include 2 various campaigns: client growth and new landings. We likewise segment our lists by key verticals.

Priority Engine helps us identify the people on purchasing group that are active within our ABM lists. When we have an MQL supported through any channel, the sales group will look within Concern Engine to discover who is active on the buying team and identify who we want to loop into the discussion. The sales group is going into Concern Engine daily to find out about our target accounts’ interests so they can individualize their outreach and have more efficient discussions.

We have specific sales views set up for our sales team so they can focus on what they care about within our accounts. We also have Email Alerts turned on for all of our sales groups’ account lists. Sales likes that they can see the most engaged prospects over the past week to know exactly who they need to be engaging with immediately.

What has altered considering that implementing Priority Engine?

We have a number of different marketing channels that feed our pipeline, but prior to Priority Engine, we didn’t have any insight into purchase intent. With Concern Engine, we can see intention insights like site visitors and other engagements directly with us.

How has Priority Engine assisted you get rid of some of your company difficulties and see success?

The initial factor we chose to acquire Top priority Engine was to assist fulfill our MQL objectives. With Priority Engine, not only are we reaching out MQL objectives, but we understand what the accounts are researching so we can feel confident when we are reaching out to people.

Inform us about your experience dealing with TechTarget’s group? How have they made it simple for you to see success?

The TechTarget group has actually added a great deal of value to our program. They are constantly helping to show us extra components that we can unlock to make things simpler for us, that we wouldn’t learn about without them.

What are your favorite aspects of Priority Engine?

From a marketing perspective, being able to view the leading three topics that our accounts are most interested in assists focus on the content we are producing and assists us develop a nurture stream based upon those topics. We also can prioritize our spend based upon the activity happening within an account, so we understand where to focus our resources.

Sales loves Priority Engine since they have access to the total buying team and can see all of the potential customers that are actively investigating our services in addition to the associate intent information. They usually will look at an account’s set up technologies to see if somebody is already utilizing among our partner’s technologies. If they are, it’s a terrific talking point and a simple way for them to personalize. They appreciate how easy it is to take advantage of the intent signs to customize their conversations.

A big thank you to Courtney for sharing some feedback with us. We eagerly anticipate becoming aware of more of your success in the future!

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