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An interview with effective technology sales and marketing innovator, Barry Magee, Director of Business Intelligence at Citrix

Citrix allows protected remote working on any gadget from any location throughout a platform that offers workers whatever they require to be productive in one merged experience. It also arms IT with the exposure, simplicity, and security needed to enable and control everything. Barry is the Director of Organisation Intelligence for Citrix in EMEA. He is responsible for running company intelligence and analytics transformation across business, from sales and marketing through to engineering and consumer success. Check him out on LinkedIn!

Tell us about the greatest challenge your team faces on a daily basis?

Our team’s greatest obstacle is efficiency. Whether you’re a group of Marketing or Sales, understanding which customers to target with restricted resources can be an obstacle.

How are you using Priority Engine to increase pipeline?

using priority engine Citrix

We are utilizing Priority Engine to improve pipeline construct for field sales, digital sales, sales engineering and marketing.

We use the information, insights and new contacts from Top priority Engine to include into our information storage facility. Our information warehouse incorporates all our information, including that from Top priority Engine, as well as other service providers.

How are your sales teams using Concern Engine? Explain the team’s workflow and process?

Sales and Marketing use the data from Top priority Engine within our AI workflow process, which we call Edison.

When sellers log into Edison, they can see if there is an increase of activity at a particular account in their area and can use that as a trigger that somebody is all set to purchase. We have an API that connects straight with Concern Engine, and automatically retrieves all details and insights from Concern Engine. When someone needs more information, they can go straight into Priority Engine to get the abundant information insights.

We have about 500 Citrites presently utilizing Priority Engine, and strategy to extend that by broadening to customer success and channel managers later this year.

What was life like for your sales team before Top priority Engine? How has it changed the way your team sells?

Prior to we carried out Top Priority Engine, our sellers did not have a system to identify purchasing signals within their accounts. We had no insight on people revealing any purchasing signals or what they have been consuming, or their contact information.

How are TechTarget & Top priority Engine helping you fix for your obstacles?

Concern Engine permits functions across sales, marketing, sales engineering and client success to see buying and intent signals and understand who and where in the buying cycle they are based on actual habits. With Concern Engine, our group can see that an individual has actually actively taken part in researching our solution in their territory.

How has your experience been working with the TechTarget group?

The TechTarget team is always willing to take a call with us and work together to come up with the best way to take advantage of our tools because our procedure is not the standard. We love working with TechTarget; they have actually been a key part of assisting us be successful. Priority Engine has actually assisted contribute to increased lead conversion fourfold.

A big thank you to Barry for sharing some feedback with us. We anticipate finding out about more of your wins utilizing TechTarget products in the future!

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