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Demonstrators paint the words ‘defund the police’ as they object Saturday, June 6, 2020, near the White House in Washington, over the death of George Floyd, a black guy who was in police custody in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


Late Saturday night, Twitter user Julia Clark took to the Twitter maker to “speak on what occurred in Georgetown tonight.” Clearly she had some things to state about events that occurred throughout the evening’s demonstration.

She started her story by specifying that a “siren/noise pollution demonstration” was held in Georgetown, where she and other protesters “blocked off streets” and “demanded that individuals turn around.” Apparently Julia believed they had a right to do this because, in her words, it “was a minor hassle for this wealthy white neighborhood”:

Tonight @concernedofdc led a siren/noise contamination demonstration where we obstructed off streets in Georgetown. The authorities existence was heavy. As we blocked off streets we required that individuals turn around. This was a small hassle for this affluent white community.

— Julia Clark (@jc_1303) July 26, 2020

Next, Julia shared a video that revealed a woman in a car being assailed by protesters. Julia noted that “particular chauffeurs” like this “white female. got frustrated and tried to maneuver their method around us.” She kept in mind the woman attempted to navigate the demonstration by driving through the gas station (and presumably to avoid connecting with protesters like Julia). Because of this, Julia and other allegedly serene protesters “stood in front of her automobile and demanded she turn around.” The woman didn’t. Julia explained the woman’s next relocation was to “step on the gas”, insinuating her objective was to trim over as numerous protesters as possible.

However if you enjoy the video, that’s not what the woman did at all. She navigated her car as carefully as possible, presumably in an effort to get the individual( s?) on the hood of her cars and truck to jump off so she could drive away without more incident:

As we blocked streets, particular motorists got frustrated and tried to navigate their method around us. This particular white woman attempted to cut through a gasoline station. Me and a couple other protestors stood in front of her vehicle and required she turn around. Rather she steps on the gas. pic.twitter.com/ODL1Evmmzf

— Julia Clark (@jc_1303) July 26, 2020

Seeming to know that she had just exposed her own claim that the woman was attempting to run over protesters, Julia then altered her story, declaring “she had already tried to run us over multiple times and I had actually moved from the front of the automobile to the side and was banging on her window yelling at her to stop.” Julia was astounded that the cops stood by and did nothing as the female in the car calmly tried to take control of the circumstance in a way that wouldn’t injure protesters which would also permit her to repel unhurt:

In the video above, she had already tried to run us over several times and I had moved from the front of the cars and truck to the side and was banging on her window shrieking at her to stop. Throughout this whole thing, the cops are not doing anything.

— Julia Clark (@jc_1303) July 26, 2020

Julia was additional upset when cops approached the protesters and told them to withdraw instead of approaching the innocent lady in the cars and truck who was simply trying to get to her location:

Finally police officers come but rather of jailing this female, or requesting her ID, registration, etc., they turn towards us and start pressing us. We are BEGGING them to arrest this female who simply attempted to run over protestors repeatedly. pic.twitter.com/GUP7wWmDBs

— Julia Clark (@jc_1303) July 26, 2020

After a couple more tweets b tching about how officers reacted to the situation, Julia described herself as shook by the whole experience, which she described as a “hate crime.” She then prompted her followers to “discover” (dox) “this woman” who did what the majority of anybody else in a comparable situation would do when challenged with agitators attempting to phase mishaps including protesters and lorries for sympathy:

Police didn’t do shit. They have actually never ever done shit. Will never do shit. And will never ever BE shit. Fuck the police. This is a hate criminal activity. Find this lady.

— Julia Clark (@jc_1303) July 26, 2020

She concluded her rant by signaling followers she was logging off in order to “self care.”

Needless to say, Julia’s Twitter thread was ratioed big time once individuals find out she lied about what took place. The actions were harsh:

1. No quantity of protesting gives you the right to obstruct any street, no matter where it is.
2. Pressing someone gradually with your car (as you crowd and obstruct the lorry) is NOT attempting to run people over.
3. The police did what they were supposed to in the scenario.

— XIX – Invictus – XCI (@CelticPhoenix01) July 26, 2020

I dunno I imply how dare she believe the roadway was planned for her to drive her car on? How dare she fail to honor the commands of people standing in the street and drive around them? How attempt the police not detain her for this horrific failure to follow random strangers?

— Mojave Zen (@Zenfucius) July 27, 2020

This here shows against peaceful protesters. Stating “find this female” suggests getting her info out there, putting her life at danger by individuals who takes things too far. pic.twitter.com/flk11 rmo7c

— Liam O’Donnell (@ 6LOD6) July 27, 2020

By your own admission they tried to leave and you blocked their exit.

No compassion for you. You’re not intense adequate to be out on the streets.

You are not a victim here.

— Kuma くま (@MkiiGo) July 27, 2020

Yours genuinely had a couple of things to state to Julia, too:

Honey, your thread is being ratioed for a reason. You have plenty of sh t. This person was attempting to survive a mob. She wasn’t attempting to intentionally plow through anyone. Next time GET OUT OF THE METHOD and leave motorists alone. https://t.co/veHPbqqu6T

— Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) July 27, 2020

Regretfully, Julia isn’t the very first “BLM” protester to try and pull a counterfeit “they tried to run us over!” stunt, and she won’t be the last. But thankfully, the sheer amount of videos taken by protesters and street video cameras alike when they take place is assisting clear innocent motorists of charges of misdeed, while at the exact same time further exposing these militant agitators for the manipulative frauds they are.

Sister Toldjah

North Carolina-based Sis Toldjah, a former liberal, has been discussing media bias, social concerns, and the culture wars given that2003 Follow her on Parler here

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