Ryan Lafford , five and little brother Ellis Lafford, three.

Ryan Lafford, 5 and little bro Ellis Lafford, three.

A FIVE year-old school child combating leukaemia is urging people to quit their clothes for life saving research.

Ryan Lafford lives with his mum Lauren, daddy Jodi and three-year-old sibling Ellis in Wheatley and is presently on maintenance treatment for the condition. Today he began his first year of school at Wheatley Main.

The fighting child is encouraging others to help more children make it through cancer by contributing any pre-loved clothing to retailer TK Maxx in support of an appeal by Cancer Research UK for Kid and Youth.

Each bag of items contributed could raise approximately ₤25 to assist fund research study into kids’s and young people’s cancers when offered in Cancer Research study UK shops.

Ryan’s household understand first-hand how essential research study is in conserving lives.

In May in 2015, Ryan was diagnosed with severe lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)– a cancer of the leukocyte, which help the body to combat infection.

ALL is the most typical type of leukaemia in kids, with around 430 cases identified each year in the UK.

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Oxford Mail:

Mrs Lafford said: “I first saw bruising on Ryan’s legs, however as an active boy running around it wasn’t uncommon. He was likewise burning out, however as he had actually simply started nursery full-time, we weren’t shocked, and we put it down to a change of routine and beginning nursery.

” Then Ryan started suffering headaches, then it was a stomach pains and back pains. It was just when we disappeared to Bournemouth for a day and I started to put sunscreen on Ryan that I discovered his back and stomach and legs had bruising on which’s when we understood something wasn’t right.”.

Ryan was described the John Radcliffe Hospital after the GP discovered he had a bigger spleen.

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He was diagnosed with ALL, but issues arose.

Ms Lafford stated: “When Ryan was at the John Radcliffe Hospital, he found he could not walk following his treatment.

” He invested 12 weeks in medical facility due to treatment and infections on top of this.”.

Ryan is now in upkeep treatment and able to go to school.

Mrs Lafford included: “Ryan and I will be having a good clear out at home and finding clothes and products to contribute to our regional TK Maxx store.

” I hope everyone in Oxford will support this vitally important campaign and turn something they no longer require into funds for such a great cause.”.

TK Maxx is a huge corporate supporter of Cancer Research UK’s work into children’s and young people’s cancers.

By contributing clothes, you can likewise assist cancer research.

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