What you need to know to choose your new smartphone

The features to look for when buying a new mobile phone.

Some of the most advanced phones will be presented in the coming weeks and months, so here is a guide to understanding which are the functions that we should not forget when choosing our next smartphone. Everything depending on what our priority is.

From computers based on Apple Ios or multiple brands that use Google’s Android operating system. The options are many and the models and benefits very varied.

The main recommendation for advanced users who have a smartphone that works properly is to wait a little longer and wait for the next versions of the flagship phones. Is that the changes are so fast that companies present phones every 4 to 6 months and having multiple companies increasingly popular, almost presents more than one phone per month.

Another additional point is that when waiting a bit, the phones that are now the most expensive, in a few weeks will come down in price when other competitive equipment is presented. Sometimes some weeks can mean promotions and important discounts.

For some people, the price is the most important factor. For others the benefits are the key to their choice: some prefer more battery, others more processing power and of course, many prefer the camera.

The competition is so fierce that the good news is that you do not have to spend the high money that the most advanced flagship mobiles cost. It is the most promoted teams in the market and the most popular, until now. It is that companies that were not so well known, are expanding their distribution and come with very advanced smartphones, sometimes more than the flagship, and at a lower price.

When the phones are presented:

  • January: Usually mid-range teams at the CES fair in Las Vegas.
  • February: Teams of all ranges and ranks at the Mobile World Congress, MWC.
  • March and April: Presentations of Samsung, LG, and Huawei.
  • May, June, and July: OnePlus and Motorola.
  • August and September: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Moto Z.
  • October November and December: Google Pixel, LG V, One Plus and Huawei Mate.

Of course, these are the traditional models and many brands or even the best known sometimes surprise us with unexpected options and surprise ads.

Now yes, the recommendations that you should not miss:

Know what is most important to you: If it is the size of the screen or the duration of the battery. This will allow you to change your options to choose from.

Do not discard the mid-range: It is possible to get very good phones that have the same functions as the more expensive ones by paying only a fraction of the cost of those more expensive phones.

Search offers: Check what discounts and promotions are available, especially during holidays or special dates. Also, check how many days we have to return the phone if we do not like it.

Last year: As with automobiles, last year’s equipment has very significant discounts and perhaps its benefits do not very much compare to the newer versions.

Touch the phone: Go to stores and check if we like the device in person. It is important to feel it and see if it is comfortable for us.

Applications:  If you bought many applications on your current platform, Android or Apple iOs, it is important to continue on that platform or you will lose those purchases as they are not transferred from the platform.

Protection: Always protect the purchase with films for the screen, carcass or even insurance of loss, theft or accident.

Android vs iPhone

  • It has the best map system and its assistant is excellent. The benefit is that Google offers many services of very high quality and usefulness.
  • The biggest updates to the operating system occur in May. The most expensive phones usually receive the updates first.
  • Updates reach all phones almost at the same time. Apple programs and applications tend to work better on these computers.
  • The biggest updates of the iOS are in June and September.


  • For those who are not high-tech, the sensor and the opening do not make much sense and it is difficult to understand what to look for. It’s that more megapixels are not always better. A 12MP camera can take better pictures than a 16MP camera. It happens that the amount of light that the camera can process is much more important.
  • An 8MP camera like those brought by cheap phones is the most basic option. Those phones that have for example 2 cameras, the second one acts to generate depth of field and produces higher quality photos.
  • Optical stabilization or OIS helps the photos do not go “moved”. This is especially useful in situations of low light quantity or when the object is in motion.


  • Most midrange ademelier phones should be able to survive a day of use with a single charge. We will have to charge our phones at least once a day.
  • Those with a capacity of 3,300mAh or more have a longer duration.
  • Maps, music and location services consume large amounts of battery. Like keeping the brightness to the fullest.
  • The octa-core processors are not always better than a quad-core (8 vs. 4 processors).

Additional features

  • The fingerprint scanner is one of the most useful functions to give security to our information and practicality to unlock our equipment.
  • SD storage allows us to expand the memory capacity in our phone, especially if we save many photos and videos.
  • Water resistance level IP67 or higher.
  • Wireless charging that allows us to support our phone and forget to connect and disconnect chargers.
  • Quality audio to use the equipment as a source of music reproduction, the speakers are essential.
  • USB-C as a connector is the most modern standard in Android devices.
  • Removable battery, not only to carry an extra battery but because they lose their useful life over time, we can discard old ones and buy new ones.

Questions we should ask ourselves

  1. Does the smartphone have a headphone jack? Some new equipment no longer includes this feature.
  2. What is the cost of repairs, for example, the screen?
  3. Is it locked or unlocked?
  4. Can we use it during trips by changing the SIM card?
  5. What does the guarantee include, should I buy extra coverage?

Lila Grace, the daughter of Kate Moss, stars for the first time on the cover of a British magazine

The heiress of the ex-supermodel of the 90s is the new image of “Dazed and Confused Magazine”, a publication specialized in fashion and beauty where the father of the centennial also works. At 16, he is also the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty

“Who’s that Girl?” is the question that titles the new cover of the fashion editorial that stars Lila Grace Moss, the daughter of 16 years of the very Kate Moss.

It is that this British teenager is already opening her wings and taking her own flight. Her first approach to the world that led her mother to superstardom, the top model of the 90s, was posing next to her on a cover of Vogue Italia two years ago. Later she was chosen by Marc Jacobs Beauty to be the image of her new beauty products and now she is the protagonist of the new cover of “Dazed and Confused Magazine”.

Lily herself, the model agency Kate Moss Agency, the magazine and the production team published and shared in their social networks the publisher (Tim Walker)

In this magazine, one of the most avant-gardes of Great Britain, works Jefferson Hack, his father, one of the journalist stars of the publication. The little Moss is the cover of the winter issue 2019.

A luxury team accompanied the centennial in the production: posed for the lens of fashion photographer Tim Walker; her styling was in charge of Katy England – also from her mother and one of her best friends; Syd Hayes, renowned for his work at British Vogue, and Lucy Bridge, creator of mostly unconventional art make-up, put on makeup.

By Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, two international firms participated in their first productionRevi (Tim Walker)

The costumes by Katy England carried the signature of the French Céline. For the cover, she wore a polka dot dress with a giant bow, Bardot neckline. As a second change, the stylist chose an irregular dress with bell sleeves from Preen By Thornton Bregazzi in old pink and hat from National Theater Costume Hire. A third look consisted of a vintage style by Rachel Auburn for the Contemporary Wardrobe vintage clothing house. The last one was an asymmetrical dress signed by Louis Vuitton and heart-shaped hoops by Balenciaga. What is striking about his look? In the hairstyle looks a Barbie doll.

Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, is also one of the most sought after in the fashion world, as well as Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford. Both triumphs being Chanel’s face in his last campaigns.

Will Lila Moss be the next most requested model of her generation?

U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Surpass Number Killed On 9-11

A man walks alone on the promenade under the FDR drive in Lower Manhattan, Sunday, March 29, 2src2src.

A man walks alone on the promenade under the FDR drive in Lower Manhattan, Sunday, March 29, 2020.
Photo: AP

The U.S. covid-19 death toll reached over 3,000 on Monday night, surpassing the number of people who died in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, when 2,977 people were killed. The grim milestone comes from the latest figures updated by Johns Hopkins University, which has maintained an online tracker for the new coronavirus since January. At least 163,429 people in the U.S. have been infected.

The state of New York has the highest number of cases in the country, where over 67,300 have been infected and 1,228 have died. New York City, America’s most populous metro area, has been the hardest hit, with at least 914 deaths attributed to covid-19. New York was also the site of the worst terrorist-related death toll in U.S. history on September 11, 2001.

The 9/11 attacks took place at three locations, including the World Trade Center in New York, where 2,753 people died after terrorists hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, flying them into the two towers of the World Trade Center. The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. was also attacked, killing 184 people after terrorists flew American Airlines Flight 77 into that building. And 40 passengers and crew died in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed.

Today, the coronavirus pandemic is officially more deadly than 9/11, and if the current projections from the White House Coronavirus Task Force are accurate, the U.S. will suffer many more 9/11’s worth of dead Americans in the coming weeks and months.

At over 163,400, the U.S. currently has the largest number of confirmed covid-19 cases in the world, ahead of Italy with more than 101,000, Spain with nearly 88,000, and China with more than 82,000. Italy currently has nearly 11,6oo deaths, Spain has around 7,700, and China has just over 3,300, though there’s speculation that China’s real death toll is significantly higher than reported.

New York is building makeshift field hospitals in Central Park, as deaths in the city are expected to climb this week, overloading the capacity of many existing hospitals in the region. The New York National Guard and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also built a makeshift hospital at the Javits Center, converting the convention floor into a 1,000-bed hospital in less than a week, and President Trump sent the U.S. Navy ship the Comfort to house non-covid patients.

But New York City, like virtually every city in the U.S., is still struggling with a lack of resources that will be needed for health care workers in the coming weeks, including personal protective equipment, like gloves, N95 face masks, and hospital gowns.

“We need gowns, we need gloves, we need masks, we need more vents [ventilators],” Dr. Arabia Mollette at Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center in New York told CNN in a segment that aired this morning. “We need more medical space. We need psychological support as well. It’s not easy coming here when you know what you’re getting ready to face.”

Other hotspots outside of New York have emerged in places like Louisiana, which has seen 4,025 confirmed cases and 185 deaths. While that may seem like small numbers, they’re substantial relative to Louisiana’s much smaller population. New York state has roughly 19.4 million people, while Louisiana has just 4.6 million.

Florida has also emerged as a troubling hotspot of contagion, with neatly 5,600 cases and 63 deaths. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has blamed an influx of flights coming from New York for his state’s high infection rate, but DeSantis has also been criticized for moving slowly on mitigation efforts. DeSantis was late to implement business shutdowns and refused to shut down the state’s beaches, which has likely contributed to a flurry of new cases over the past month.

As recently as March 26, the Wall Street Journal editorial board was celebrating DeSantis, a Republican, for refusing to put the state in lockdown and “charting a slightly different course.” That course is one where many more of his state’s residents are going to die unnecessarily.

But that kind of rhetoric is par for the course during this pandemic, which has seen a level of partisan divide that boggles the mind. Republicans, led by President Trump, have often insisted that Americans shouldn’t be overly concerned with the global pandemic and that the media has only talked about it to sow panic and despair. But Trump’s fixation on media coverage of the covid-19 crisis is likely another example of his numerous psychological projections, accusing others of the things that he’s guilty of doing on a regular basis. Over the weekend, Trump bragged that his daily covid-19 briefings on the deadly pandemic were getting great TV ratings.

“Because the ‘Ratings’ of my News Conferences etc. are so high, ‘Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers’ according to the @nytimes, the Lamestream Media is going CRAZY,” Trump tweeted on Sunday, adding four additional tweets to quote a New York Times article about his “ratings.”

However, it seems Trump is at least adjusting his tune on the deadliness of the virus, something that he used to compare to the seasonal flu. The flu has a mortality rate of roughly 0.1 percent, while covid-19 has several times that. Now Trump appears to be managing expectations and preemptively declaring anything less than 200,000 American deaths as a win for his regime.

“So you’re talking about 2.2 million deaths, 2.2 million people from this,” Trump said from the White House on Sunday, referring to the worst-case models.

“And so if we could hold that down, as we’re saying, to 100,000 — it’s a horrible number, maybe even less — but to 100,000. So we have between 100 and 200,000, and we all together have done a very good job.”

An estimated 116,516 Americans died in World War I, and 418,500 died in World War II. Needless to say, the Trump regime’s massive failures to prepare for the pandemic could not be described as a “very good job.”

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