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YouTube Music is a lot like Spotify but less expensive – Service Expert India

YouTube Music is a lot like Spotify but less expensive – Service Expert India

  • YouTube Music simply announced its launch in India with a monthly membership of99
  • This is the 2nd music streaming platform to launch in India in under a month, the very first being Spotify.
  • However, in an area that’s getting progressively competitive, it’s hard to see how YouTube Music stands out versus its competitors.

It’s been simply over week that Spotify.


its app in India and YouTube is quickly on its heels.


its own music streaming app and the Premium version of its video streaming platform in India.

India’s music streaming market is.


to hit user penetration of 7%by 2023 from the existing 6.5%. Half a percentage point may not seem like much however taking a look at a population of 1.3 billion prospective users– it can make a big difference in absolute numbers.

And, with annual growth rate of 1.6%, earnings from the music streaming industry in India is expected to grow to $227 million over the next 4 years.

The music streaming space in India is getting crowded with JioSaavn, Gaana, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Wynk, SoundCloud, Google Play, Apple Music and now, YouTube Music, all fighting for a piece of the pie.

Aside from the top competitors, smaller sized players like Jalso– a app that just has a library of regional Gujarati songs– are likewise a part of the celebration.

The debutants to the music streaming scene in India

YouTube’s music subscription is at par with JioSaavn and Gaana’s rates strategies– making it the among the most inexpensive membership to a music streaming in India at99 And the plus point for most users probably is that if they’re already Google Play subscribers, then the YouTube Music membership is totally free.

However, Spotify has.


quite well for itself, gathering 1 million customers– both paid and unsettled– within one week of its launch in India. The primary selling point for the app is its algorithm that the business declares transcends other’s thanks to its 207 million active users worldwide– making it the most music app worldwide.

And while YouTube’s video platform is.


the most popular music streaming platform, with 225 million monthly active users in India alone– YouTube Music has actually only just begun.

However, released after Spotify even globally, one can’t help but notice the similarities in the YouTube Music app and Spotify’s user interface– Spotify’s platform comes off less messy. And, this would be fine if YouTube had actually taken it a step even more and developed in improvements over what’s already readily available, however that, sadly, isn’t the case– even when it concerns personalised playlists.

Screenshots from Spotify (left) and YouTube Music (right) when users originally register

Screenshots of Spotify’s (left) and YouTube Music’s (right) default playlist curation

That being stated, YouTube has actually integrated videos into the app however its redundant for users to use YouTube Music for that function when they already have actually the YouTube installed on their phone.

Something that does seem to be unique is the reality that it likewise has the alternative to browse for music using lyrics, even if the lyrics are wrong– something that isn’t readily available on Spotify.

Searching for songs by lyrics on Spotify (left) and YouTube Music (best)

And it need to also be kept in mind that audiophiles who are in look for brand-new material may likewise favour YouTube Music for it’s variety of diversity.

However all the functions are rendered irredeemable by if users pick to use the totally free version of the YouTube Music app. The greatest flaw of the app is that works exactly like YouTube, that is, if a user does not actively have the YouTube Music app open– music will not play. Whereas, all the other music streaming platforms allow users to play music in the background, even in the totally free versions.

Not being able to multitask in between listening to music and other apps on the phone appears to defeat the entire purpose of the app completely.

All in all, YouTube Music doesn’t have functions that stand apart so boldly regarding customise the experience for users over what other music streaming apps already have to provide. Its launch in India feels like mere posturing to make its presence known in the market without really putting in too much effort.

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