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Functional training with punching bag: Benefits and routine

If your thing is functional training, it’s time to try the punching bag. We tell you its main benefits and a routine for you to begin to strengthen your body.

It is fun and brings dynamism to functional training. We tell you what are the main benefits of training with a punching bag and the best routine for you to start getting fit with this new training modality. Ready?

What is punching bag training?

Although they have always existed in exercise routines, in recent times sandbags or sandbags have become very popular in functional training, because the exercises with punching bag are dynamic, facilitate functional work and provide many benefits.

This type of training is carried out with specialized bags made with resistant materials and filled with sand or another similar compound, which helps to favor the instability of the bag, which makes the muscles work harder in strength and weight training than dumbbells. and traditional weights.

Many gyms already have sandbags or sandbags of different weights, but you can also buy them in sports stores or online stores like Amazon if your goal is to practice sandbag training on your own.

Benefits of the exercises with a punching bag

Functional training with punching bag: Benefits and routine

The main benefits of sandbag training are these.

  • Functional work of high impact: thanks to the instability of the bag, the stabilizing muscles are exercised more intensely, so that is a constant challenge in each training. A punching bag workout is much closer to an extended real-life routine, like carrying a child or carrying shopping bags.
  • You can train anywhere: one of the reasons why sandbags have become so popular is that you can train anywhere with them. For example, in a park. In addition, they are comfortable to transport, do not take up much space and you can even take them in the trunk of the car when you travel and do not want to give up your training.
  • Accessible cost: sandbags are priced between 20 and 30 euros, so they are considered a fairly inexpensive training tool, considering that you can exercise with a sandbag anywhere. Depending on your physical level, you will need different bag weights to practice different exercises, so the cost may increase.

The exercise routine with the punching bag

If you have a medium level of training and are a beginner in functional training with a punching bag, take note of this easy and simple training routine.

1. Squat with sandbag

Image result for Squat with sandbag

Hold the sandbag between your two arms, in front of the chest. Separate your legs and begin to do a squat with your back straight, bringing your hips back. Do four sets of 12 squats.

2. Push-ups with the punching bag

Start by doing a flex on the ground, leaning on your sandbag. Next, get up by holding the bag by the handles, raising it up to chest height (do not forget to keep your back straight). Drop your sandbag and jump in a position of flexion. Repeat the exercise twelve times.

3. Abdominal strength with sandbag

Hold the punching bag by the handles with both hands, in a horizontal position. Place your feet at the height of your hips. While lowering your knees lean your back forward without bending, as if you were doing an abdominal exercise (remember to tighten your abdominals to make it more effective). You can lower and raise or increase the effort by moving one leg to one side and another and forward with each climb. Do 4 sessions of 10 repetitions.

And if you want your training to be complete, do not forget to combine your strength training with LISS cardio exercises.

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