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7 beauty tricks and makeup to hide the dark circles and wake up the look

Swelling of the eyes is a regular occurrence in women. Infobae spoke with the makeup artists of celebrities to learn their strategies and advice. Some key points to disguise dark circles and bags and revitalize the face

Poor eating habits, sleep or facial care, water retention and occlusion cause the syndrome of a tired look. Although a restful rest is key, it is not often achieved. Therefore, Sebastián Correa, professional makeup artist, chosen by the big brands and the favorite of many recommends facial cleansing as a mandatory remedy.

“At night and although no makeup has been used it is important to perform a facial cleansing and apply a good eyelid cream, ” Correa told.

For the expert, the morning routine should include a second cleaning. In this way, the product remains that can remain on the skin, generate occlusion and not oxygenate properly causing dark circles or bags. How to get an awake look: seven tips to revitalize the eyes.

Homemade tricks to relieve swelling

Allergies, crying, fatigue or even a long night of cocktails, are some of the causes of eye swelling or bags. Fortunately, there are several ways to quickly remedy the inflammation that causes the fluid to accumulate.

the makeup artist chosen by Guillermina Valdés proposed to cool spoons at night and apply them on the eyes in the morning as one of the alternatives to relieve swelling.

Leaving two spoons in the freezer the night before may be the solution for swollen mornings (Getty Images)

Leaving two spoons in the freezer the night before may be the solution for puffy mornings. Remove and rinse and then simply press against the eyes for a few minutes has been found to work.

” Chamomile tea bags are also a great ally to reduce inflammation,” added Correa. Place the sachets in a cup of hot water for one minute, let them cool to a safe temperature and then apply in the eyes for three minutes. The natural caffeine will immediately help to narrow the blood vessels and reduce swelling.

The truth behind trendy masks

From Cindy Crawford to the Kardashian Jenner clan, they all choose masks. Why? Because they include ingredients that serve to soothe and moisturize the skin.

They can be applied for 20 minutes while other activities are performed. The results are bright eyes, and hydrated. To get an extra cooling effect, a good option is to leave them in the refrigerator for an hour before using them.

Some of these masks cost an extraordinary amount of money but the result is guaranteed: they cool, soothe, reduce swelling and eliminate fine lines of aging, therefore the concealer applied later does not adhere to wrinkles.

How to apply the concealer to illuminate dark circles

To color the dark circles correctly with an illuminating concealer, use a slightly lighter shade than the base to lift and lighten. It is necessary to remember to take it to the cheek in the form of “V” to illuminate the whole face.

“To neutralize the violet color of dark circles, you can opt for a salmon-colored concealer. It is important not to exceed the lines of expression of the area could be accentuated ”
For light skins, specialists recommend a beige or pale pink concealer and for dark peach tones. Then, with a brush or the fingertips, the corrector should be extended with small touches from the lacrimal area to the cheek area.

“The use of optical correctors that reflect light brighten the look and awaken it, while heavy correctors, on the other hand, clog and give fatigue effect throughout the day,” Correa warned.

Eyeshadows to create a deep effect on the eyelid

Applying an eyeshadow slightly darker than the natural skin tone along the crease of the eyelid gives definition and shape to the look.

“For those with small eyes, a good trick is to blur the lower eyelashes with the same intermediate shade,”

The shades in warm tones are perfect to conceal dark circles and divert attention to another part of the eye. The specialist recommends avoiding products in cold tones such as blue, purple or green and choosing instead the warm and luminous, which by the type of skin help to give light to the look.

Illuminate the tear

Apply a touch of iridescent shadow or highlighter on the inner corner of the eyelids near the tear ducts and under the eyebrow arches, it will enlarge the look and awaken it.

Use mascara and eyelash curler

If you are looking for an awake look, choose the ones with the lengthening formula before the thickening ones (Getty Images)

The mascara is the magic wand to make the eyes look bigger. For a greater effect, try sticking individual tabs at the outer corners of the eye to create a cat’s eye shape.

“For the eyelash, mask opt for a dark chocolate color, it achieves a not so rigid look, placing a mask on both the upper and lower part enlarges the look more,” added Kahlé.

The eyelash curlers up lashes instantly and thus widen the eyes.

Eyebrows, the frame of an awake look

Important: never underestimate the importance of maintaining a strong eyebrow shape. They are the frame of the eyes, fundamental to give a good finish to the look. According to the experts, combing them upwards helps to give the sensation of an awakened look on the face.

It often happens that after applying color and shadows on the eyelids and adding mascara, the eyebrows lose prominence. “For that, it’s important not to forget to make up with a creamy pencil for eyebrows, gel or even shades of brown or mink,” warned Kahlé.

Recommended avoiding make up the blonde eyebrows, since doing so can give a very rigid expression to the look and therefore will not highlight the natural beauty.

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