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What you need to know to choose your new smartphone

The features to look for when buying a new mobile phone.

Some of the most advanced phones will be presented in the coming weeks and months, so here is a guide to understanding which are the functions that we should not forget when choosing our next smartphone. Everything depending on what our priority is.

From computers based on Apple Ios or multiple brands that use Google’s Android operating system. The options are many and the models and benefits very varied.

The main recommendation for advanced users who have a smartphone that works properly is to wait a little longer and wait for the next versions of the flagship phones. Is that the changes are so fast that companies present phones every 4 to 6 months and having multiple companies increasingly popular, almost presents more than one phone per month.

Another additional point is that when waiting a bit, the phones that are now the most expensive, in a few weeks will come down in price when other competitive equipment is presented. Sometimes some weeks can mean promotions and important discounts.

For some people, the price is the most important factor. For others the benefits are the key to their choice: some prefer more battery, others more processing power and of course, many prefer the camera.

The competition is so fierce that the good news is that you do not have to spend the high money that the most advanced flagship mobiles cost. It is the most promoted teams in the market and the most popular, until now. It is that companies that were not so well known, are expanding their distribution and come with very advanced smartphones, sometimes more than the flagship, and at a lower price.

When the phones are presented:

  • January: Usually mid-range teams at the CES fair in Las Vegas.
  • February: Teams of all ranges and ranks at the Mobile World Congress, MWC.
  • March and April: Presentations of Samsung, LG, and Huawei.
  • May, June, and July: OnePlus and Motorola.
  • August and September: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Moto Z.
  • October November and December: Google Pixel, LG V, One Plus and Huawei Mate.

Of course, these are the traditional models and many brands or even the best known sometimes surprise us with unexpected options and surprise ads.

Now yes, the recommendations that you should not miss:

Know what is most important to you: If it is the size of the screen or the duration of the battery. This will allow you to change your options to choose from.

Do not discard the mid-range: It is possible to get very good phones that have the same functions as the more expensive ones by paying only a fraction of the cost of those more expensive phones.

Search offers: Check what discounts and promotions are available, especially during holidays or special dates. Also, check how many days we have to return the phone if we do not like it.

Last year: As with automobiles, last year’s equipment has very significant discounts and perhaps its benefits do not very much compare to the newer versions.

Touch the phone: Go to stores and check if we like the device in person. It is important to feel it and see if it is comfortable for us.

Applications:  If you bought many applications on your current platform, Android or Apple iOs, it is important to continue on that platform or you will lose those purchases as they are not transferred from the platform.

Protection: Always protect the purchase with films for the screen, carcass or even insurance of loss, theft or accident.

Android vs iPhone

  • It has the best map system and its assistant is excellent. The benefit is that Google offers many services of very high quality and usefulness.
  • The biggest updates to the operating system occur in May. The most expensive phones usually receive the updates first.
  • Updates reach all phones almost at the same time. Apple programs and applications tend to work better on these computers.
  • The biggest updates of the iOS are in June and September.


  • For those who are not high-tech, the sensor and the opening do not make much sense and it is difficult to understand what to look for. It’s that more megapixels are not always better. A 12MP camera can take better pictures than a 16MP camera. It happens that the amount of light that the camera can process is much more important.
  • An 8MP camera like those brought by cheap phones is the most basic option. Those phones that have for example 2 cameras, the second one acts to generate depth of field and produces higher quality photos.
  • Optical stabilization or OIS helps the photos do not go “moved”. This is especially useful in situations of low light quantity or when the object is in motion.


  • Most midrange ademelier phones should be able to survive a day of use with a single charge. We will have to charge our phones at least once a day.
  • Those with a capacity of 3,300mAh or more have a longer duration.
  • Maps, music and location services consume large amounts of battery. Like keeping the brightness to the fullest.
  • The octa-core processors are not always better than a quad-core (8 vs. 4 processors).

Additional features

  • The fingerprint scanner is one of the most useful functions to give security to our information and practicality to unlock our equipment.
  • SD storage allows us to expand the memory capacity in our phone, especially if we save many photos and videos.
  • Water resistance level IP67 or higher.
  • Wireless charging that allows us to support our phone and forget to connect and disconnect chargers.
  • Quality audio to use the equipment as a source of music reproduction, the speakers are essential.
  • USB-C as a connector is the most modern standard in Android devices.
  • Removable battery, not only to carry an extra battery but because they lose their useful life over time, we can discard old ones and buy new ones.

Questions we should ask ourselves

  1. Does the smartphone have a headphone jack? Some new equipment no longer includes this feature.
  2. What is the cost of repairs, for example, the screen?
  3. Is it locked or unlocked?
  4. Can we use it during trips by changing the SIM card?
  5. What does the guarantee include, should I buy extra coverage?

The unexpected closure of what looked like a perfect brand founded by the Kardashian clan

The clothing company DASH opened its doors in 2006 with the sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. The brand offered a good taste for media fashion and luxury at affordable prices. At the end of May, it will close its doors for an unforeseen reason

Everything that the Kardashian-Jenner clan launches into the market is a success. Twelve years ago, the sisters surnamed Kardashian, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé managed to fulfill a dream: to create an apparel brand that identifies them with the design style and called it “DASH”. But for their personal projects, on May 28 close the doors of the premises and the online store 20.

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The most mediatic clan of the show and fashion world stand out for being authentic and getting what they want. In addition to family entrepreneurship, the three sisters with the same surname have their own brands also related to the world of clothing and beauty.

Another project of famous sisters is that of the Olsen with “The Row” by Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. They, unlike the Kardashians, still go ahead with the brand with ready-to-wear collections, purses, glasses, and footwear that can only be purchased at their stores in New York and Los Angeles.

“They took advantage of their media exposure and found the commercial streak as they did with everything, with the different lines of clothing, make-up, appearances at events, they are already a company beyond what they like or not, I do not think it’s the end of the Kardashian empire, insurance already have other branches in mind to invest and make different lines, “said image consultant Annie Maya.

But everything comes to an end. Both on the website of the brand and Kim’s official site, the firm shared a statement in English for all its followers. “After almost twelve years my sisters and I have decided to close the doors of our DASH stores, we opened our first place as a family in 2006 and, since then, we have created so many memories for a lifetime,” the publication begins.

Image result for The unexpected closure of what looked like a perfect brand founded by the Kardashian clan

“From the first places in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, to having our derivative show ‘Dash Dolls’, has been such an important part of our lives, we have loved creating DASH, but in recent years, we have all grown a lot We have been busy managing our own brands, as well as being moms and balancing work with our families, “continued Kim.

The statement closes with a thank-you message: “We know in our hearts that it is time to move forward, we are very grateful for the incredible memories, and we have to especially thank the employees of DASH and all the incredible fans and clients who have supported over the years! We could not have done it without you, thanks to everyone! ”

Image result for The unexpected closure of what looked like a perfect brand founded by the Kardashian clan

The truth is that in many international fashion magazines and newspapers months ago it was reported that the signing of the media sisters did not have enough commercial success because of the great variety of brands of direct competition. But finally, this was not the reason why they decided to end the brand.

“I thought it was a good way to sustain their image and bring people closer to the possibility of dressing up as their fashion reference with more affordable prices,” fashionista influencer Angie Landaburu.

Currently, the DASH website is with most of the products in liquidation. The prices of clothing, accessories, and shoes range from twelve dollars (cell phone cases, hair gummies) and 800 dollars (leather jackets).

Within it is a section called “Featured Collections” in which each of the owners of the brand chooses the “highlights” of the collection that most identifies them with their personal style.

Broken heart syndrome: All about Takosubo myocardia

Discover what causes it and how to recognize broken heart syndrome, a pathology with a woman’s face.

The broken heart syndrome or Takosubo cardiomyopathy is a heart condition are symptoms similar to an acute myocardial infarction. High stress is the main cause of broken heart syndrome, to which women are more vulnerable.

According to medical data, approximately 9 out of 10 people with broken heart syndrome are women, especially during menopause. A strong and unexpected emotional shake can also be a risk factor for a disorder that, although less frequent and with less severe less severe consequences, also weakens the heart.

The stress cardiomyopathy Takosubo or transient apical dysfunction, was first described in Japan in the early 90s takes its name from a vessel dished body and a narrow neck that was used for fishing octopus, and reminiscent of the way adopts the part of the heart affected by this ailment, the left ventricle.

Causes broken heart syndrome

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Stress has negative consequences for health, greater the higher or continuous over time. Stress, psychic or physical, causes our body to produce more catecholamines, such as adrenaline, and its accumulation has direct effects on the cardiovascular system, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Anxiety, accumulation of negative emotions and emotional shock when receiving unexpected news (the death of a loved one, a medical diagnosis …) can cause a sudden rise in adrenaline, with the same consequences.

The accumulation of stress, coupled with hormonal changes during menopause and, in some cases, depression associated with the death or loss of the couple, explain to a large extent the greater vulnerability of women to this disorder.

Symptoms of broken heart syndrome

  • Feeling short of breath
  • Strong chest pain
  • Cold sweat
  • Dilation of the pupils
  • Pain in the left arm
  • Increased blood pressure
  • An increase in cardiac frequency
  • Fatigue without apparent cause
  • Drowsiness in the afternoon
  • Swelling of legs

Treatment for broken heart syndrome

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The best treatment for broken heart syndrome is prevention, in this case, learning to avoid stress and improve mood. Adopting healthy habits, such as practicing physical exercise and a balanced diet, helps control stress.

The prognosis of broken heart syndrome is usually benign and the patient recovers in a few weeks.

Being a syndrome still unknown in many aspects, the treatment is adapted to each patient in order to control the symptoms, being in some cases advisable to prescribe blockers of the effects of adrenaline.

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